Men's Social Secretary

Sam Waite

Worcester College

Our new Men's Social Secretary, silly fresher Sam, has already made a big impact on OUCCC's social scene. Allegedly one of just two people at the official BUCS afterparty, it was no surprise that he was voted this year's OUCCC 'Afterparty Legend'. Some confusion recently arose after Facebook announced his 22nd birthday, but since we all know he's just a baby fresher, we realised he must be gunning for Vice Captain or Secretary, which seem have a minimum age of 30 these days! Having expressed delight at last term's 'handcuff social' at the AGM, you won't want to miss whatever Sam has in store for us this year.


>Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 10

>Passion for road safety: 95

>Training consistency: 5

charlie mcmillan